Legendary Jazz Pianist Bud Powell: Recording “At The Blue Note Cafe” gets stellor marks!

Bud Powell was to the piano what Alfred Einstein was to the theory of
relativity. He is recognized, along with Bird (Charlie Parker) and Diz
(Dizzy Gilespie) as one the main figures in the creation of bop. Powell’s
lightning like right hand with chords from his left became the standard
by which all pianists are judged to this day.

Live At The Blue Note Cafe, recorded live in Parist in 1961, is truly a reflection of Bud Powell’s work and contributions to jazz. As a prominent figure during the 1950′s and 1960′s, his music helped pave the way for what was, at the that time, a new style of jazz – bebop. If you are a jazz pianist or are looking for more information about influential jazz musicians, you will have to take a look at Bud Powell.

Breakdown Of The Recording: Live at the Blue Note Cafe

Listen To Samples

“Groovin’ High” sets the mood with Zoot Sims swinging tenor solo,
Clarke’s nuclear time and Bud’s lyrical soliloquy.
The eight bar exchanges are truly works of innovative genius.

“Taking A Chance On Love” features the tenor of Sims with a whisper of
Prez but more driving and bop inspired. Pierre Michelot adds some spice
with a sizzling bass solo.

“Bud’s Blues” struts along with everyone laid back and Zoot in his soul
bag with Clarke booting him on and Bud swooping in with his patented
dizzying ideation.

The jazz standard “There Will Never Be Another You” is shined up,
spiffed out and given new melodic enhancement with Powell’s right hand
performing magic at the keyboard.

Rhythm is king when the quartet happily puts its stamp on “Thelonius”
and air mails into the land of bop.

Bird and Dizzy penned “Shaw Nuff” and Bud sends it into orbit with a
rapid fire solo. Powell’s right hand is a musical blur, Kenny Clarke and
Powell engage in some exchanges that defy imagination.

This recording is as fresh as it was the year it was recorded. Listening to this group reaffirmed many people’s beliefs that proper jazz is here to stay and is not in the realm of the ‘young and the hipless’ as one is often force fed these days. The virtuosity of Bud Powell is breathtaking in this album as are his ‘worthy constituents’ as Bird would say.

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