Jazz Goes On In California: Helping promote an art form and a link to America’s past

Who listens to jazz anymore?

What was 50+ years ago a thriving and popular form of music, jazz has seemed to fade into the background to make room for other styles. While there is still a great following among fans, and despite increasingly great releases by talented artists, jazz does not seem to have the same place in today’s society that it had back in the 20th century.

Many people – including artists, fans, and educators and scholars – can attest to this truth, and the question warranted here is “What can we do about it?” While most conclude that jazz will never make its way back to where it once was so many years ago, there are steps that can be taken to promote jazz and keep it alive in our society, so that it is not forced out of sight and only to remain in our memories.

California Loves Jazz:

There are many fans, artists, music labels, and organizations at work all across the U.S. with the main goal to help promote this fine art form and keep it alive in our ears. California, especially has stepped forward with their contributions toward revitalizing the popularity of jazz.

Below are some sources and organization doing their part to keep jazz alive in California.

California Institute For The Preservation of Jazz (CIPJ)

The California Institute for the Preservation of Jazz is a state-chartered institute housed in The California State University. Its mission is to preserve and promote the great American cultural heritage and social history of jazz music by building a bridge to diverse communities through education and outreach.

The Institute achieves its mission through preservation, performance, outreach and education via a state-wide network of educational institutions and individuals. The Institute’s goal is to provide the environment and resources to return jazz music to its rightful place as a significant and respected part of the culture of California.

Anyone can be a member of the CIPJ!

California Jazz Foundation (CJF)

The California Jazz Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization formed to provide assistance to musicians and others in need who have made substantial contributions to America’s only indigenous art form – JAZZ.

The intent of the California Jazz Foundation is to provide services and support to jazz musicians and others who have made substantial contributions to the art form.

The CJF will be hosting the 2nd Jazz Summit Dec. 14th of this year. Join them at Catalina’s Jazz Club in Hollywood, CA for a great round of jazz and support their efforts to promote jazz and give back to those that have given so much to make jazz what it is today!

The California Jazz Arts Society (CalJAS)

The California Jazz Arts Society (CalJAS) is a Public Benefit Corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law for public and charitable purposes 501(c)(3). The specific purpose of this corporation is to preserve and promote jazz and other American art forms through public concerts, workshops and presentations.

CalJAS does a lot to promote jazz from offering concerts and live performances to hosting workshops for students of jazz. As one of their most important goals is to instill the love of jazz in our youth, their concerts raise money that assist with the CalJAS Scholarship Program, a generous contribution that gives students the opportunity and tools necessary to make their impression on jazz.

View the calendar for upcoming events and concerts sponsored by CalJAS.

What You Can Do To Promote Jazz:

If you are interested in learning more about these organizations and would like to find out what you can do to support their causes, please follow the links posted above. Everyone can play a role to promote jazz and ensure that its rich history and development lives on and continues to thrive. Whether you simply appreciate jazz as a listener and fan or you respect its depth and complexity of form as a musician and artist, jazz offers our society and culture so much. Do your part to help promote its growth and ensure that its legacy continues.

Have We Forgotten Anyone?

If you know of any other organizations that are helping to support and promote jazz, please let us know. We would especially like hearing about organizations outside of California.

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