Jazz At The Lincoln Center In New York

For years, the Lincoln Center has been one of many venues to offer some of the greatest jazz in the county. They offer top quality musicianship and universal friendship. By taking the feeling of jazz on tour and by inviting artists and audiences from all over the world into our new home in New York City, Frederick P. Rose Hall, we bring people together for a simple purpose: to Have a Profoundly Good Time.

They do this through the following 4 components:

(1) Curatorial
We produce and present world class, well-rehearsed performances involving the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, other resident orchestras and ensembles, specials groups that we assemble and visiting artists, ensembles and soloists.

(2) Educational
We foster the engagement and development of listeners of all ages who wish to appreciate and understand the art of jazz. We offer educational programming and materials for student musicians of all levels from elementary to post graduate school who wish to understand how to perform jazz. We also offer assistance to educators from all disciplines and levels who wish to impart knowledge about jazz.

(3) Archival

We maintain and continually develop and make available a comprehensive library of original scores, transcriptions, arrangements, books and artifacts important to jazz. We also document and disseminate our curatorial and educational endeavors.

(4) Ceremonial
We maintain and revive when necessary the great ceremonies of jazz: parades, picnics, jam sessions, big-band battles, cutting contests and funeral celebrations. We also seek to establish and maintain our own ceremonies.

In addition, they also spread the word of jazz through their “Jazz Cast.” From radio broadcasts to podcasts and their new screening room online, they feature behind the scenes looks at the bands, insights into personalities and more. You can find out more about this on their site.

Upcoming Events:

Click here for a list of upcoming jazz events at the Lincoln Center.

Lincoln Center
70 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY
(212) 721-6500

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