All Your Jazz Back Online: Our Forum has been lost, and we need all registered users to re-register with us

For about a week now, All Your Jazz has been in a state of transition, having to switch hosting sites. The reason for the disruption falls on the shoulders of our previous host (1&1) who dropped the ball and denied us (and our visitors) access many files.

As a result, we have been unable to post anything new or update the site in any way. If that wasn’t enough, 1&1, who also hosted our forum, denied us access to the database containing all of our discussions and posts on the All Your Jazz Forum. After a day’s worth of effort, we have to pass along the unfortunate news that all files and information contained on the Forum have been lost.

We are currently in the process of getting another forum up online, however once we do, it will be bare. That means that any info that we once had about registered users of the forum have been lost. There hasn’t been any breech into the system, and as a result, no one’s information has been stolen – it simply means that the information has been lost and is unrecoverable. Once we get the new forum up, we will let everyone know, and we would then ask you to re-register for the forum.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. We have a much stronger and reliable host now (Bluehost), and we do not anticipate any other setbacks like the one we faced within the last week. Thank you to all of our followers and registered users – keep on jazzin!

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