Iridium Jazz Club Hosts Stanley Jordan Trio Oct. 2nd-4th

Starting October 2nd and going through October 4th, 2009 guitarist Stanley Jordan and his trio will take center stage at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York. Sets are at 8:30 pm & 10:30 pm, and tickets are $35. His trio consists of bassist Charnett Moffett and drummer Kenwood Dennard.

Coming off his last release, State of Nature (Mack Avenue, 2008), he is bringing exciting new approaches and techniques to his playing. If you’re looking for a progressive musician that always likes to keep his work “in the now,” Stanley Jordan is worth checking out.

About The Artist


From the moment he made his debut in 1985 with the gold-selling Grammy nominated album Magic Touch, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has proven himself as a forward thinking innovator. With his nimbly executed “touch” or “tap” technique, he ushered a dazzling and spellbinding new sound into the world of progressive instrumental music.

Subsequent albums found Jordan caught in a frustrating web of wanting to usher his audience into deeper levels of his artistry while record companies craved more of the stuff that had whisked him to the chart top. Because he debuted on the Blue Note label, he was marketed as a jazz progressive when what he was trying to stress was music beyond stylistic boundaries.

Now he is exploring deeper dimensions of his craft. After a self-imposed exile from the rat race in the 90s – one that included a retreat to the mountains of the southwest – Stanley Jordan has re-emerged with a new life’s direction.

“Most people – if and when they find their calling – come to see themselves in
some sort of service capacity,’ he states. ‘Right now I feel a strong desire to
bring my music to the people not just for entertainment, but also for inspiration
and healing.”

His New Approach

A primary element of this new direction involves championing Music Therapy, which he is studying in a Masters program at Arizona State University. With this approach, he wants to aim at reducing both physical and emotional stress that often accompany artists, one of which deals with ones own perception of themselves as an artist and the idea that they have to reach perfection. The positive affects of this training are not just skills Stanley teaches but skills he has adopted for his own creativity.

Another area of intensive interest for Jordan is the development of Sonification (turning something into sound) and the concept of using music as a form of representation.

“A great percentage of the data that people analyze is time sensitive data, and audio
is a far superior vehicle for understanding the passage of time. Take the amortization
schedule of a 30-year mortgage, for example. If I hit one note per second in the left
speaker for interest and another note per second for principle in the right speaker, it
would take about six minutes to ‘play’ that mortgage. A person could hear how long they
would be paying interest before they started paying principle. Looking at it on a graph is
one thing, but listening to it makes you feel it. Sonification offers deeper understanding
of information because more of the brain is involved in understanding that information.”

Jordan will continue to explore all of this and more via yet another new venture: The Sedona Books and Music Store that he took over in Arizona in the summer of 2005. Beyond selling books, CDs, musical instruments and supplies, it is a place Jordan intends to become a destination for transformation.

More Info

Concert Location:

Iridium Jazz Club
1650 Broadway (51st St.)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 582-2121

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