Video of Cristina Morrison’s “I Love” Tour

Having had a successful tour, showcasing her debuting solo jazz ablum “I love”, Cristina Morrison leaves us with a video to wrap things up and relive the moments.


Cristina Morrison was born in Miami, Florida. She’s a multi- cultural woman not only because of her background that is a mix between Latin America and the United States but also from her “gypsy” life experiences. She has lived in Quito, Miami, Rome, Los Angeles, the Galapagos Islands and currently, New York City.

Musically, Cristina was the lead vocalist of her jazz-blues band called “The Baroness and her Lovers”. Her latest work in New York is the recording at Bennett Studios of her first original jazz solo album titled, “I Love”. Here she showcases her talent as a singer-songwriter and is accompanied by fine jazz musicians.

Currently, in repertoire, she’s portraying five different women roles throughout three generations in the staging of “The Aging of the Plum” written by the Argentine Aristides Vargas. The play has been invited to various theatre festivals to countries like Mexico and Brazil among others TBA. Cristina also holds under her sleeve a future film production project based on a journalistic chronicle which she bought the rights for.

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