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Ethan Farmer (aka E-Bassman) is a Chicago native, represents the past, present and future of everything that Jazz is meant to be. With a professional career that has afforded him the opportunity to work with influential list of musical greats like Janet Jackson and Darius Rucker, he has a natural gift and ability on top of his passion and ear for music, defining him as a bass phenom.

Ethan was introduced to music early on, first picking up his father’s bass at the age of five and recevigin his own at six. Two years later, E-Bassman became the youngest member of the family group, TheAmazing Farmer Singers, markeing the beginning of a lifelong love and pursuit of music.

By sixteen, he had toured the country with the family group, and anxious to try out other genres, he was instantly drawn to R&B, Funk , and Soul. He spent the his late teen years travelling to music festivals around the world, including the North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz festival, and the Jakarta Jazz Festival.

Having moved to Los Angeles in 1998, his career took another turn when he met gospel bass man Andrew Gouche. Gouche’s trust in Farmer led to his first big break, playing with Jody Watley on BET’s Planet Groove. From that point forward, Ethan’s career gained momentum, and E-Bassman was in high demand.

The creative process never ends for Ethan, who in addition to his own music is a member of two bands that he put together with friends. The Core is a Jazz fusion band reminiscent of the Yellow Jackets meets the Weather Report. When he isn’t touring, Ethan and his band can be found at the intimate venue Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. E-Bassman also creates music with drummer Gordon Campbell for another outlet of expression.

“I have so much music in me and my style and what I do each band is different from what I do myself, but it helps me grow when I collaborate. I love to surround myself with great musicians.”

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